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Marta Štolfová

Marta is the initiator of Coaches for Peace.

She is a life coach with four years of experience. Empathy is her gift, and her ability to be fully present with a client is her most valuable tool. She is here to help you process whatever is present within you.

Languages: English, Spanish, Slovak, Czech

Vasi Bryhinevich

Vasi is trauma-informed integrative coach. She works to create deep transformation by uniting mind and heart, peeling off armours of fear and poor past conditioning that isn’t serving you to thrive.

Her approach is formed by the combination of Compassionate Inquiry, Somatic Experiencing, Jungian Psychology and old traditions like yoga and meditation.


Ken Altenbach

Ken calls himself an Insight Life Coach. He is a powerful leader of mastermind groups, leading by example. He is here to provide the necessary space for all that need it.

Languages: English

Hanna Cabessa

Hanna has been a coach for over 10 years. Having spent many years working with young people, she now helps leaders fully step into their power so that they can rapidly experience deeper purpose, more profound love and deeper fulfilment.

Using spiritual principles, life coaching, and HeartHealingTM (overcoming blocks, inner wounds and trauma), her clients fast forward to love who they are and the life they were born to lead.

Languages: English, (French, German)

Fiona Pimentel

Fiona is passionate about helping you heal from trauma. As a survivor of several childhood traumas, especially physical bullying, emotional neglect and narcissistic abuse, she loves to work with the inner child, to help you love yourself and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

She offers you her strong sense of compassion, her deep intuition and faith, and her experience in Counselling Skills, Life Coaching, Coaching for Insight and Couples Therapy.

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Elena Segida

​Elena is a coach and certified psychosomatics consultant. She currently studies Psychology at the University of British Columbia. 
With her warm heart, empathy and sensitivity, Elena offers you human contact, where you discover your inner strengths and power in your situation.

Languages: English, Russian

Gabrielle Haili

​Gabrielle is passionate about her work as a transformational life coach. She specializes in creating the space for you to process your thoughts so that you can begin to create, accomplish, overcome or heal in any area of your life.

Languages: English